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We are a company integrating design, research and development, production, and sales of asphalt pumps, high energy-saving linear guides, and modified asphalt processing equipment.
Service Guarantee

Service Guarantee


Based on the principle of quality first and customer first, Zhejiang Shanggui Pump Industry Co., Ltd. wholeheartedly provides customers with first-class products, first-class quality assurance, and first-class sales service system. In order to ensure that users can use our products at ease, the following rules are formulated as our company's after-sales service commitment:

1. The products produced by our company adopt advanced technology at home and abroad, and the essence of the production industry, and have passed more than five strict quality checks and more than 5000 hours of sampling tests at any time, in strict compliance with ISO9001-2008, ISO14001-2004, GB/T10886-2002 Standard production and management of various products. All products meet strict corporate standards and standards of the Ministry of Chemical Industry.

2. The company has established a complete set of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service systems that are jointly participated by the marketing department, technical department and user service department.

Pre-sales service: According to different customer needs, it truly reflects the most economical, practical, safest and most durable principle, introduces the performance characteristics of the products used to users in as detailed and popular as possible, and selects the most suitable varieties and specifications ,model.

In-sale service: the company strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the contract terms to deliver goods, and deliver them at the time and place required by the buyer.

After-sales service: Regardless of the size of customers, we will establish a full set of information databases for each user. Implement after-sales service combining regular telephone return visits and on-site return visits. All products of the company implement quality three guarantees, with a one-year shelf life, except for wearing parts. During the warranty period, if the product is damaged or not working properly due to quality problems, it is responsible for free repair or replacement. If damage or abnormal operation is caused by the user's improper use or out of the warranty period, the company provides life-long maintenance services for the product, only charging material fees, and long-term supply of spare parts.

3. If users have any problems or information in the process of using our products, please provide valuable opinions in time so that we can handle, improve and improve them in time. From beginning to end, our service will accompany you 7×24, so that you have no worries about consequences, no matter what questions, please feel free to contact us, we are always waiting to serve you.



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