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Company Culture

Company Culture

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Corporate culture is the first competitiveness of future enterprises, and corporate culture will be the driving force for future corporate development and the endless source of our growth. For an enterprise to grow and flourish, it must first have a strong corporate culture, which is the source of all business operations. All companies are aware that market competition is not just a competition for economic strength, but more importantly, a game of corporate culture. A successful corporate culture is the intangible "real estate" of an enterprise. A successful corporate culture is a good humanistic environment. Once formed, it will inevitably produce a transformation from spirit to material, from the "virtual" to the "real". .
Culture is the foundation of enterprise endogenous resources. If you compare an enterprise to a tree, culture is the foundation of the tree. The health and strength of the root determines the prosperity and evergreenness of the tree. Where does our business come from? Where is our business going? What are we fighting for? How do we fight? What can we do to make the company have a future, operate efficiently, and develop employees? The key to corporate culture lies in practice and behavior, which has become the guide and norm for corporate behavior and corporate employee behavior. Corporate culture is the sum of corporate core values, core competitiveness, long-term goals, business philosophy, and behavioral norms formed in the business activities of a company. It is embodied in all time and space of the company. It is the embodiment of corporate individuality and the banner and soul of a company. And direction. Corporate culture is a systematic project, with a scientific process of investigation, sorting, selection, refinement and improvement. Practice tells us that any successful corporate culture is constantly enriched, developed and perfected with the progress of the times and changes in the internal and external environments of the enterprise.
Noble purpose: to create value for customers, create benefits for enterprises, create a future for employees, and create prosperity for society.
Shanggui enterprise spirit: keeping pace with the times, innovating with determination, harmony and win-win, pursuing excellence
Shanggui business philosophy: starting from what users need, and finally satisfying users; focusing on customers and exceeding customer expectations
Shanggui Strategic Goal: Leading the development of the industry and casting a fluid equipment industry with core competitiveness and core values
Shanggui core values: high quality, high added value, high-end market
Shanggui's core competitiveness: leading concept, leading equipment, leading QC, leading service
Shanggui Vision: Contribute to China's equipment manufacturing industry
Expensive management philosophy: standardization, proceduralization, refinement, and institutionalization
Shanggui's corporate philosophy: when money is scattered, people gather; when money is gathered, people are scattered; thick is to gather crowds, and crowds are strong.
Shanggui's quality concept: only imperfect products, no discerning customers.
Shanggui's market view: customer satisfaction is the highest criterion; customer credibility is the final evaluation
Shanggui's motto: Shanggui people only start a business but not keep their business
Shanggui corporate style: sincere and pragmatic, persevering, teamwork, game beyond
The concept of noble talents: let the most suitable people do the most suitable things
Shanggui industry positioning: precision manufacturing + terminal products; refined + powerful
The image of Shanggui employees: dignified and stylish, courteous and respectful, enthusiastic and humble, neither humble nor humble, rigorous and professional



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