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SGX rubber modified asphalt equipment configuration
SGX rubber modified asphalt equipment configuration
SGX rubber modified asphalt equipment configuration
SGX rubber modified asphalt equipment configuration
SGX rubber modified asphalt equipment configuration
SGX rubber modified asphalt equipment configuration
SGX rubber modified asphalt equipment configuration

According to statistics, China's car ownership in 1988 was 1.627 million, and in 2007 China's car ownership reached 55 million. According to experts from the China automobile industry association, it will reach 600 million by 2020.In 2006, there were 150 million tires, or 3.24 million tons, which climbed at a rate of 20 percent a year and are expected to reach 200 million by 2018, or 5.18 million tons.


Rubber asphalt production background


A large number of waste tires piled up, occupying land resource Waste tyres are burned, causing environmental pollution

The spread of disease is accelerated by the accumulation of mosquitoes in tyres


There are 600.6 tires for big trucks

18.2 tons rubber powder

101 tons rubber asphalt

One kilometer rubber asphalt pavement

(Four lanes, four centimeters of surface, seven point five petrochemicals )



The development of rubber asphalt


Rubber asphalt was born in the United States in the 1960s

1960 the first rubber asphalt symposium was held in Chicago

In 1975, the research work of rubber asphalt gravel seal in California was carried out

1978 the first dry construction of a rubberized asphalt concrete pavement was completed in California

In 1982, the test road of tongji university in jiangxi province marked the beginning of tire and rubber application in China

In 1992, the California department of transportation ised the "guide for the design of rubber asphalt graded mixtures"
In 1993, the patent of rubber asphalt technology was invalid, and rubber asphalt was widely spread and applied worldwide
In 2001, China's ministry of communications set up two special projects: " application of waste rubber powder in road engineering" and "research on application technology of rubber particle road surface"

In 2004, we successfully introduced the first set of rubber asphalt production equipment, and the rubber asphalt industrialization project was launched
In 2008, wang xudong et al. compiled the "complete set of technologies for the application of rubber asphalt and concrete" based on the western science and technology project of China's ministry of communications, and published by people's communications press
In 2008, the highway science research institute of China's ministry of communications compiled the "technical guide for the design and construction of rubber asphalt and mixed materials" and published by the people's communications publishing house, which is a milestone in the development of rubber asphalt in China


performance feature

Environmental protection and resource conservation

China's rapid economic development has also brought a large number of waste tires, which have caused serious pollution to the social environment. The promotion and application of rubber asphalt technology with its characteristics of environmental protection and resource conservation can provide a sustainable environmental protection solution for these black pollution.


Delay and resist reflection cracks
Rubber asphalt adhesive has high content and good elasticity, which improves the resistance of pavement to fatigue cracks and reflective cracks. Rubber asphalt stress absorption layer (SAMI) is the most effective solution for international anti-reflection cracks.


Super strong bonding, resistance to water damage
The stress absorption layer of rubber asphalt is a good waterproof layer. The layer forms about 3mm thick asphalt film on the original road surface, which can completely prevent the downward infiltration of rain water and protect below layer.


resist high temperature rut
Rubber asphalt itself has strong high temperature stability and viscosity, all rubber asphalt binder has high viscosity and not easy to flow;In addition, the rubber asphalt binder encased in the outer layer of gravel contains large particles of rubber powder, which can generate large internal grinding resistance, make the gravel hard to slide, reduce rut formation and ensure structural capacity.


Low temperature cracking resistance
Due to the plasticity and ductility of rubber itself, the low temperature ductility of rubber asphalt increases, and the anti-low temperature brittle cracking ability of rubber asphalt pavement is greatly enhanced.


Reduce noise

Rubber asphalt is a new material for reducing noise in urban roads. Compared with ordinary asphalt, it can reduce driving noise by 3-6 decibels and improve the comfortable environment of human habitat. Rubber asphalt road is the internationally recognized road with the least noise.

Improve traffic safety

The carbon black in rubber can keep the black surface of the road for a long time, with high contrast with the mark line, increased friction on the road surface, increased braking resistance, and improved driving safety, especially on the snowy water road surface.


Reduce the thickness of road surface, shorten construction period and reduce construction cost
Whether it is the standard of carrying capacity or the standard of reducing reflection crack, the thickness of the surface layer of concrete layer, the thickness can be further reduced, and the overall cost can be reduced by 13-17% compared with that of ordinary asphalt.


Anti-aging performance, prolong service life, save maintenance cost

A large number of anti-aging agents, thermal stabilizers, variable price metal inhibitors, uV absorbers and light screens have been added to the formulation of rubber tires.The inhibitor, combined with light shielding very effective carbon black filler, will be a lot in the process of rubber asphalt mixing released into the asphalt, greatly improve the asphalt mixture of anti-aging, anti-oxidation ability, thus improve the durability of the road, prolong the service life of road (compared with ordinary asphalt road can prolong the life of a 1 to 3 times), made significant reduction of road maintenance fees.



Technical index



SGX rubber modified asphalt equipment configuration list and parameters



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