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Directions for High-shear homogenate colloidal mill
Directions for High-shear homogenate colloidal mill
Directions for High-shear homogenate colloidal mill

JMJ High- shear homogenate colloidal mill is a new- type equipment of our company, we introduced foreign advanced technology, and R&D together with Tian Guangfa professor who is the designer of the first SBS modified bitumen mill in China. It's a latest high- performance and superfine mill combined with strongly squeezed and High- shear; it is suitable for the homogenization, smash and milling of the SBS modifier in bitumen.

Technical parameter

Meaning ofsign ( e.g. )







Inlet helix tail-wagging carries emulsion into the clearance between stator and rotor, after grinding of stator and rotor, emulsion acutely cut by gear ring of stator and rotor, and homogenizing, smash the SBS modifier in bitumen at last. JMJ High-shear homogenate colloidal mill made with shear grinding of staggered form and staged, the clearance become smaller and smaller, the degree of fineness of SBS modified can reach 1~ 10 μ m only after once work.

The stator and rotor of JMJ High-shear homogenate colloidal mill not only has easy processing technique, but also use safety, has high precision functions and maximum flow. When shear- squeeze of SBS small thread, electrical energy-→mechanical energy-→heat energy all finished at the same time, achieved the goal of saving energy and reducing energy consumption.

Performance parameter


Installation parameter



Application and Maintenance

Turn ON

Production, before starting the open type JMJ high shear homogenisation colloid mill grinding mill (the following abbreviation), import and export valve to deading with heat conduction oil, on the groundBody is preheated. Preheating is to avoid crashing, 2 it is to avoid the grinding temperature was low, the quantity of heat absorb a large number of asphalt, cause first mill don't work properly Or processing of asphalt products can not meet the standard demand.

Mill body temperature must be measured with a thermometer, the temperature in 170 C ~ 180 C. Grinding temperature arrived, gently with the hand disc coupling, coupling Can turn you can boot. If coupling can't rotate, please wait for a period of time plate moving gently, also can't turn, is dynamic and static plate clearance (according to (3) Requirements adjustment, and make a note of this location), transferred to the coupling move again when back to its original position, if still cannot turn please call the company service.


During the mill be warmed-up, check the oil indicator, if you can' t see the oil indicator or the oil indicator is very low, it should be fuel, it’s enough to add up to the half of the oil indicator.

Turn off

Circle with the plain asphalt before turning off.


Adjust the clearance of stator and rotor

The clearance of stator and rotor adjust to best position before leaving factory, do not adjust it unless it can notwork. Ifit’ s must, do it as note below:

The bolt should be loosed before adjust, the clearance become large when turn right, it become small when turn left. Turn an unit means 0.005mm, turn a circle means 0.15mm.


The rolling bearing should be lubricated with cc30 diesel engine oil (GB11122-1997) ; worm wheel、 worm and the whorl of stator should be lubricate with NO.4 high temperature grease.



Must open the heat conduction oil valve before turn on the machine.

It's normal phenomenon that oil dripping of the main shaft gland before turn on the machine, it's needn't to tightening, if it drop a lot, tightening slightly, prohibit to fasten up.

The temperature of SBS modified bitumen should between 170C ~ 180C when the mill working.

If the mill break down, please call us for Maintenance, prohibit to dismantle by privately, or at owner's risk.



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